Town Slang


Bottom Pub v Top Pub
When people talk about the "Bottom" Pub they are referring the "pub at the bottom of the hill - Yackandandah Hotel.  The "Top" Pub is the Star Hotel at the top of the hill.

Sports Park v Butson Park
Easy to be confused when new to town. Butson Park is the football and netball grounds, accessed via Church Street and Butson Street. The Sports Park, at the lower end of Wellsford Street, is used for a number of activities including tennis, soccer, Scouts and Cubs, indoor netball, badminton, horse riding, and cricket.

Plastic bag free supermarket shopping
The Foodworks supermarket is plastic bag free. You are encouraged to bring your own reusable bags.

is a unique community owned company that has grown to include both fuel and rural supplies. New shareholders are welcome. For details on how to become a shareholder and the associated benefits, take a look at the web site below or drop into the petrol station and pick up the application form.